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Create your own custom loyalty & rewards program

From easy to complex, we at GiftBox Loyalty help you craft the best rewards & loyalty program for your business. This would do the groundwork for your customer engagement & retention system that allows you to connect with your new & old customers regularly.

Easy sign up process

When your customers are able to sign up with this easy process, your business compiles more accurate information of your customer without slowing down your line.

Increase repeat customer visits & communication

We take care of your customer engagement needs wherever it’s needed. Our loyalty System sends automated mobile app link, text message, and email campaigns, including rewards & gifts to bring back your lost customers and a great way to thank them for visiting your store and allow them to think about you.

Welkiloyalty program how it works

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Customer Retention

Customer retention is the most vital key for the health of your business growth. GiftBox Loyalty helps you retain your most valuable customers and this number increases over time as the number of customer loyalty program members grows with customer satisfaction, happiness and retention.

Seek More Traffic

From your websites, customers can apply for a membership card, check their point balance, and review rewards which has been allocated to them, which increases your website visitors frequently. GiftBox loyalty is a great place to promote your special offers for loyalty customers and attract new customers to sign up.

Gain Insight Into Your Customers

Identify your most loyal customers. Track your customers’ visits, frequency, how much money they have spent, and more with our daily & weekly reporting. This would visualize sales pattern & trends, see if you are marketing for the most valuable and make division of your customers for target marketing.

Drive Word Of Mouth Online And Off

One of the best advertising is a positive feedback from your existing customers. Loyal customers tend to make more referrals to your business. You can plan to increase motivation by offering bonus points to your existing customers when they give you referral to your business.

Program Flexibility

Be it Retail, non-profit, corporate, franchise, you name any industry- our GiftBox loyalty platform can meet your requirements. Do you have any specific idea in mind but you are not sure how to execute it? Simply Request a Quote and we can guide you to design & develop a program.

Easy To Connect

Your business to GiftBox Loyalty. If you have a retail store, or you're on the go, it's easy to get connected. Because the GiftBox loyalty program software is web-based platform, wherein, you can connect from almost anywhere you want!

Import Transactions

GiftBox Loyalty makes it easy to import your customer's data & transactions into your loyalty program. Whether you are migrating to our GiftBox Loyalty system from another vendor and want to preserve your data, or you want to upload huge amount of transactions at once, we got it covered for you!

Continuous Improvements

We keep developing more and more features with new upgrades and functionalities for GiftBox platform and you will get timely notifications to Customize, Analyze & Enhance accordingly.


GiftBox loyalty Rewards Customization

Rewards Customization

Our Robust GiftBox loyalty program software will also allow to customize their rewards based on the context of the interaction for businesses as well as the type of loyalty behavior the business is trying to promote.

GiftBox loyalty Omnichannel presence

Omni-Channel Accessibility

Omni-channel is also known as a seamless experience. Such kind of program connects customers to loyalty rewards across mobile devices, stores, laptops & computers. Which means customer would be able to access loyalty rewards and features through main channels such as: online, mobile, and in-store.

GiftBox loyalty Integration


For organizations that implement loyalty functionality on their site, we consider how our new GiftBox loyalty program cloud based software solution will integrate with your legacy systems & point of sale systems. To function smoothly, this loyalty program software will need to include an API which would integrate with any content management systems. GiftBox Loyalty offers an open API, so that new loyalty functionality is blended perfectly with the existing website features of our clients.

GiftBox loyalty Analytics

Reporting Analytics

There are certain functionalities that is common to both card-based and web-based customer loyalty software, different analytics features facilitate businesses to gain better insights into buying patterns & behaviors of your customers – insight which gives reporting analysis & demographic data to develop customer profiles and target your marketing or loyalty efforts efficiently.


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